Anne Hurtubise is the founder and president of Emotional Intelligence Corporation (EIC). "Coaching leaders and teams to greatness", our tagline, conveys the essence of what we’re all about.

Since 1999, Anne has worked closely with senior leaders, managers and their teams to achieve outstanding performance by enhancing their Emotional Intelligence. Across Canada and internationally, in such countries as the U.S., China, Japan, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and India, EIC clients have transformed the way they work – and their business success – as they learn to lead, work and manage in new ways.

Anne has extensive coaching experience, business knowledge and leadership expertise cultivated over 20 years as a business person and entrepreneur creating and managing her own businesses. She is a certified professional coach, bilingual in French and English. Her work/educational background and specialized training include:



  • Extensive experience in leadership coaching, psychology, and personal development training
  • Certified in professional coaching from the Adler School of Professional Coaching, Inc., now with over 5,000 hours of professional coaching
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence instructor through Hay Group in Boston, trained in the use of the 360 degree assessment tool
  • Certified through the Emotional Intelligence Development Corporation in Montreal
  • Certified in Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching by The Coach Training Institute & Center for Right Relationship in California
  • Certified in Team Training Intensive and Team Diagnostic Tool by Team Coaching International in California
  • Certified in Shadow Coaching by the School of Shadow Coaching in Ottawa, Canada
  • Certification in Synergology (body language) as a certified practitioner
  • Completed the Adler Workplace Coaching Program (Train the Trainer – how to help managers implement coaching in their management style) from the Adler School of Professional Coaching, Inc.
  • Studied management and marketing at the University of Montreal
  • Degree in Information Technology
  • Nutrition, physical training, stress management and meditation background that helps clients increase their energy to meet their leadership demands

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We enthusiastically help leaders and teams in the art and science of emotional intelligence by inspiring them to discover their greatness in their personal and work life that creates outstanding results.

Our goal is to be a catalyst for positive transformational changes through developmental partnerships that empower our clients to raise the bar in leadership capacity and successful team alignment.

Our Values:
Integrity, Trust, Respect, Reliability, Leadership, Accomplishment, Flexibility, Learning, Courage, Happiness, Wisdom, Health and Generosity.