The Competency Framework
20 competencies determine emotional intelligence

Competency: Any measurable characteristic of a person that differentiates level of performance in a given job, role, organization or culture.

Leadership Development

Once the ECI is completed, the leader receives four hours of coaching. Additional leadership coaching hours provide for more customized development, equipping leaders with the ECI and almost a year of one-on-one coaching.

Executive Coaching, the single largest contributor to sustainable change, is one of the most accessible and time-efficient ways to learn.


Coaching a team is different than coaching individuals. We use an assessment instrument that focuses on 14 team competencies.

We will assess your team for its effectiveness and identify strengths, areas for development, and action plans to close the gaps. Improving communication, trust and collaboration in a group positively impacts the team’s creative and problem solving capacity, overall performance and output resulting in high performing teams that are:

  • Committed to a common vision of being and doing
  • Aligned and committed about team purpose/mandate
  • Contributing to an atmosphere of openness and trust
  • Forging positive relationships among team members
  • Constructively managing difficult conversations
  • Visibly demonstrating team values
  • Working more collaboratively
  • Increasing performance capacity

Team Coaching and Assessment consists of three distinct phases:

  • Assessment & Reports
  • Team Building Workshops
  • Team Coaching


EIC offers each of the following one-day workshops to help raise Emotional Intelligence and enhance leader and team performance:

  • Fundamentals of EI – Getting Started. Participants learn what EI is, the role it plays in the workplace and how EI can enhance their work performance.
  • Leadership & Development – Empower Yourself. Through 360 feedback tools, participants will develop action plans to strengthen their leadership competencies.
  • Leadership & Conflict Management – Reach the Top. (2 days) Leaders will learn how to maximize their influence and get positive results from their teams.
  • Customized Workshops. EI Corporation will help you assess your needs and develop Workshops tailored to meet your organization’s unique requirements.

We also serve as speakers for corporate events offering keynote presentations. Some of the keynote topics include:

  • The Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict and Emotional Intelligence
  • Communicating with Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Emotionally Intelligent Teams
  • Nutrition for Top Performance
  • Body Language – Meaning and Interpretation
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management

We also customize keynote presentations to an organization’s particular needs.