What is Team Coaching?

Coaching a team is different than coaching individuals. Rather than focus on working individually with each member of the group, team coaching works with the relationship system that forms between the individuals of a team. This subtle shift has a profound impact on the relationship between the individuals and the results that are possible for each group. Improving communication, trust and collaboration in a group positively impacts the team’s creative and problem solving capacity, overall performance and output resulting in high performing teams that are:

  • Committed to a common vision of being and doing
  • Aligned and committed about team purpose/mandate
  • Contributing to an atmosphere of openness and trust
  • Forging positive relationships among team members
  • Constructively managing difficult conversations
  • Visibly demonstrating team values
  • Working more collaboratively
  • Increasing performance capacity

Team Coaching and Assessment consists of three distinct phases:

  1. Assessment & Reports
  2. Team Coaching Workshops
  3. Team Coaching

1. Assessment & Reports

Each individual on the team completes an anonymous, on-line Team Diagnostic™ tool that assesses the team’s effectiveness, identifying strengths and areas for development in fourteen key areas.  The strength of assessments is their ability to reveal the system to itself – it is the team evaluating itself, and not outside consultants evaluating the team. The combined results provide an accurate benchmark of the team. After analyzing the results of the assessment, we create a report and formulate action plans tailored to close the team’s gaps.

2. Team Coaching Workshops

A series of workshops, customized to your team’s needs, provides the necessary skills and structures to create individual accountability and team performance. These workshops can be held off-site, on-site or as part of a team building adventure program.

3. Team Coaching

In order to make substantive and sustainable changes, we provide monthly coaching sessions over a six month period. Team Coaching reinforces a team’s newly acquired relationship skills, inspires the team to consider new approaches to overcome hurdles, and provides a support system to ensure the team’s ongoing success.