Linda Padfield (former) Director, Organizational Development, Inco Ltd.

“Anne Hurtubise provided 18-month long coaching programs over a period of 8 years for numerous groups of high potential managers as part of a broad-based leadership development program at Inco. They universally ranked her coaching module number 1 in their program, citing it as one of the most important and inspiring parts of their development.

Anne has a gift for working with managers to bring out their best, cultivate their leadership competencies, and help them manage the complexities and stresses that go with leadership. She focuses on assessing and coaching them in Emotional Intelligence capabilities, which they may then apply to their own teams. She also helps them enhance their physical health and emotional strength.

Anne uses the well-validated 360 degree tool developed by Hay Group, based on solid research by Dan Goleman, as the basis for her coaching. Anne was successful in working with high potential managers from all over the world, often by phone.

The fact that she’s bilingual seemed to help when dealing with managers from China and Indonesia who had to be coached in English as a second language.”

Cheryl Smith, Director, Human Resources & People Development, Inmet Mining Corporation.

“Inmet Mining has had the opportunity and privilege to work with Anne Hurtubise, President of Emotional Intelligence Corporation, for the past eight years. Over that time, Anne has worked with many of our executives and senior management team as part of our Company’s leadership development initiative and the impact on and insight gained by the participants in this group has been invaluable.

Anne’s passion for her work is obvious and is demonstrated in the care she has for her clients. Her skills and expertise in coaching and her encouragement of our team has resulted in both personal and professional growth and success for many of our participants.

In fact, six participants of the Emotional Intelligence initiative at Inmet have received recognition for their outstanding leadership skills by being awarded a leadership of the year award while participating in EI coaching. I am confident that this result is a testament to the success of the Emotional Intelligence initiative at Inmet.

I wholeheartedly recommend Anne as an outstanding coach, having both seen within my colleagues (and personally benefited from) the positive value of her work and support.”


Jason Simpson P.Eng.
Vale Inco - Chief Mine Engineer

"The 360 assessment and coaching process was a defining period in my career and life. The process provided an opportunity to see myself and my actions through a much different perspective, that of everyone else.

The Leadership Development Coaching process changed my life not just on a professional level but also a personal one. The characteristics of behavior targeted by the program are not bounded by the walls of any office. It made me a better person which will affect not only my colleagues, but my family and friends."